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Pickering Park Kung Fu Event

Sickness absence in the UK can cost businesses thousands. At a company level, the costs of absences may be substantial and can hinder a company’s performance

An unfit workforce can have the following impacts:

Low morale on overworked members of staff
Risk of low well being in other members of staff
Delays in production time
Lowering quality or levels of service
Disrupting the flow of work
Creates a requirement for unnecessarily high staff levels to cover absentees

“Let’s make a change for our work and for our life”


Pickering Park, Sat 29th May 2010, 10am to 3:30pm

This is a FREE event to help you change, including

Tai Chi Stress Relief
Tai Chi Muscle Toning
Kung Fu Fitness
Kung Fu Self Defence
Advice on solutions for back ache, trapped nerves, migraines etc

Contact Mike Mitchell 0781 6458977 (email

Pictures from the Day

pickering park

pickering park

pickering park