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The History of Tashi Leon King

leon king

Martial arts to me has always been of great of interest due to a strong family boxing history starting with my great great grandfather.

In 1988 a work associate was telling me about his son starting Kung Fu and that I should come and have a look. In September 1989 I commenced training in Shaolin Kung Fu under Sifu Wayne Short at the Kata Jutsu Budo Kai Academy which has now become known as the World Budo Kai. On the 18-12-1988 I had my first Kung Fu grading under the watchful eye of Kyoshi N. Sangwin 8th dan.

leon king

It didn't take me too long to start cross training in a variety of different styles. The main five styles I studied were :

18-12-1988 Shao Lin Ch'uan Fa Kung Fu under Sifu Wayne Short.

03-06-1989 Shotokan Karate under Sensei Brian Kairns.

09-09-1989 Ju Jitsu under Tashi Angela Short.

18-08-1991 Bo Jutsu under Sifu Andrew Regus.

27-06-1993 Wing Chun under Sifu Michael Anderson.

leon king

Training from 6-7 nights a week I was able to achieve my probationary black belt in Shao Lin Ch'uan Fa Kung Fu in Southport England on the 30-10-1992 under Kyoshi N. Sangwin 8th dan.

My 1st dan in Kung Fu was achieved on the 12-12-1993 and my 2nd dan on the 10-12-1995.

leon king

Apart from studying the fighting arts I also started to train in the healing arts of Zen-Shin Katsu (shiatsu, katsu, and kwopo).

In June of 2000 I obtained my 1st dan in Jujitsu my 2nd dan in Weapon's and my 3rd dan in Kung Fu as well as being able to achieve my practitioners qualification in Zen-Shin Katsu, under the watchful eye of Soke Norman Sangwin 9th dan, M.A. and Kyoshi Angela T Short.

My interest in wanting to teach came to me not long after I had started training after a talk with Kyoshi N. Sangwin when I completed my first grading in martial arts. This opportunity came in 1990 when I had my assistant instructors grading in Kung Fu and Karate.

leon king

From that time on training for me consisted of 50% actual training and 50% teaching. On completion of my instructors in September of 1992 I started my own club about 6mths later called the Tao Dai Loong Martial Arts Academy.

The goals I have for my club and the organization in Australia is to produce students capable of going through life with confidence in their abilities to meet and conquer any challenges that they will face in their journey through life. Because Martial Arts is a way of life.

I have now achieved a Budo grade of Tashi, 3rd Degree Budo.