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About Us

Hull Kung Fu has been running for over 9 years and is managed by Mike Mitchell (4th Degree Black Sash), Odette Mitchell (3rd Degree Black Sash), Laurence Newton (3rd Degree Black Sash), Ricky Robson (3rd Degree Black Sash), and Martin Robson (2nd Degree Black Sash). Hull Kung Fu is a voluntary non-profit club. They teach confidence building, promote social inclusion, explain the bad effects of drugs and bullying and teach self-defence and fitness. But it must be understood that we are not just a martial art. Kung Fu means “master of”, we can make all these young disadvantaged people masters of whatever they want to be by just helping them achieve their aims. On top of this we also teach voluntary Tai Chi to the NHS, Blind Institutes and various schools in the Hull and East Riding. We also deliver free Chinese Massage, hot stones and ear candling courses to all the young people in the club, which will eventually give them a recognised Diploma to help them with employment in later life.

All the instructors are in full time work in their personal jobs, but they always find time to help others when they can in the way of voluntary work. The club has a large amount of regular members but also serves around 200 extra people in the local community. They have spent years helping young people with drug related problems, stress problems, family problems and general life problems. From this the club always made a pact, to keep in touch with their students outside of class times. This was the greatest community success, even though it was hard work for the volunteer instructors. It supported and helped the students at all times.
Over the years the instructors, have in their own time and at their own cost, trained themselves in the following:

Child Protection Training – This is to ensure that the club is fully protected against any child protection issues. In conjunction with this al the instructors are CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) checked regularly.

Equity Training – This is to ensure that the club delivers a good service to all regardless of age, gender, race or religion.

Drug Awareness Training – This is to ensure we easily notice the signs of drug and solvent abuse in young people within the club.

Vulnerable Adults Training – This is to ensure that the club provides good practice when teaching adults with disabilities, strokes, Alzheimer’s etc.

Mencap Training – This is to ensure that we provide the best services to students with learning disabilities. Our voluntary work impressed Mencap so much that we qualified for a Get Together Qualification that made us a professional Inclusive Club.

Sign Language Training – This enabled us to deliver teachings to deaf and hearing-impaired students, which allowed us to eventually become recognised members of the National Deaf Children’s Society.

We have recently become a full member of the National Deaf Children’s Society.

Working With Disability Training – This provides us with the best teaching practices when working with wheelchair users, the blind and the deaf.

On this note, we have a wheelchair user who is a qualified instructor with ourselves that proves that anyone can achieve anything. Initially he was refused by other clubs but our doors where always open for him.

We have also secured funding over the years to provide the younger students with:

Drug Awareness Training – This helps the student understand possible causes of substance and drug abuse and have the knowledge of different treatments available. The student also learns how to work with people with addiction problems..

Nutrition Training – This in turn helps us provide a free advice service on nutrition and healthy eating to members of the club in order to reduce obesity and ill health in the future.

Stress Counseling Training – We help all students with stress related problems (exam, life) by offering mind refocusing and relaxation techniques.

Fitness Training – Two of the instructors are qualified Advanced Fitness Instructors that allows us as a club to offer free advice on fitness and health.

We believe that if we teach the youth of today good methods of living then they can teach the youth of tomorrow the same. Up to now this works. The club members always unite to help each other.

The latest news on the training front is that Hull Tai Chi are starting a voluntary coaching section that will deliver FREE Equity courses, Working with Disability courses and Drug Awareness Courses to other voluntary groups.

Due to all of the above we have achieved various awards and recognition over the previous years. These being:

Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Duke of York Community Initiative Award

Viking Radio Healthy Life Style Award 2009 – We were nominated for working to engage with young people and inspire them to change their lives to become healthier, giving them more confidence and making them feel safe. The coaches who dedicate their time to the project tackle a range of health and lifestyle topics and aim to give young people focus and ambition.

East Riding Top Club 2009 and East Riding Yop Community Team 2011 – After years of hard work we achieved this high ranking award.

East Riding Coaching Accreditation Scheme Level 3 - The East Riding Club Accreditation Scheme (ERCAS) enables clubs to set and meet standards, which will lead to better quality sports provision for young people in the East Riding.
It has become increasingly important that the welfare and safety of young people at local clubs should be a high priority.
We are also recognised members of the Hull Council of Voluntary Youth Services and the East Riding Council of Voluntary Youth Services.
Also over the years the club has raised thousands of pounds for the following charities:

£1054 Children’s Ward in Hull Royal Infirmary
£1816 Charity KIDS
£40 Logan Edson who has Ulrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy (UCMD)
£40 Children’s Ward in Hull Royal Infirmary
£100 Viking Radio Charity For the Kids
£800 National Deaf Children’s Society
£1393 Alzheimer's Society
£1244 NSPCC

We achieved this by running auctions, fitness boot camps and attending events like the Lord Mayors Parade of Hull.

This year we have an intention of entering a range of competitions.

Regional Competitions – Many of our students are unemployed and have aims to enter competitions but cannot afford the cost of entries or safety equipment. Hull Kung Fu is helping to organise a regional competition in March with other clubs. Hull Kung Fu will be paying for their student’s safety equipment and entry fees to make their dreams come true. One of our students who is a qualified Advanced Personal Fitness Instructor (obtained through the club) will be monitoring and training the students from the club free of charge.

Comments from students

I joined the club because my now seven year old son (Giles) was desperate to learn a martial art.  When I searched the internet for local clubs and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website, Hull Kung Fu stood out in terms of its ERCA registration and website information re: policies etc.  I also spoke to my god daughter who studied Kung Fu in the club for many years and she highly recommended it. 
I took my son to his first couple of training sessions and was really impressed by the time, effort and patience shown by the instuctors and assistant instructors, in addition to the discipline of the students.  After watching Giles for a couple of weeks, talking to some of the other club members and Mike, I asked if I could join in too.  I didn't feel pressured to join in, just encouraged that the training is tailored to various levels of ability and I wouldn't be pushed too far too soon.
I've gained knowledge about Kung Fu, it's history and the importance of discipline and respect at all times.  I have progressed through a few grades and become an assistant instructor.  I have felt supported and encouraged by the Instructors and other members of the club.  I have also improved my fitness.  Additionally, it is something that my son and I can do together, practice together at home, test each other on and talk about.
My son has made new friends, grown in confidence and demonstrates the level of discipline expected within the club (largely) or is quickly and proportionally taken to task about his lack of discipline. 
I hope to strive to improve my tecnique, to support new students to progress and ultimately, to aspire to a brown sash (although this may be a bit ambitious).   I hope that my son will grow up to use the same discipline we apply in Kung Fu to the rest of his life, whether it be at University, as an apprentice or ultimately in his career. My son, hopes to be a black sash in time and grow up to be 'just like the instructors' - what more can I say?


I joined Kung fu because I was persuaded to go by my brother who had already been attending about a year. I was doing karate but found it a bit boring but still went because I wanted to learn self defence. My brother then persuaded me to attend a night of Kung Fu so I did, and then I attended the weeks course they had organised and basically been there ever since, I quit Karate because I enjoyed Kung fu more, there were far more people there and the discipline was a lot better too. Kung Fu has made me a much more confident person and it is not like any ordinary club, we get to go on courses that can be really beneficial to us either to take on as a career or to have in general, for example I have been on a first aid course, vulnerable adults, child protection, drug awareness and solvent abuse. It helps you to notice signs to be able to help others. Major course which I have been on with the club and currently am on are youth worker Nvq 2, anatomy and physiology diploma and a ching lo diploma. The club really opens up careers for us as well as being a club were you can meet friends and keep fit. I hope to open my own club someday with the help of Hull Kung Fu.


At first I joined as a different way of keeping fit, which would be fun but interesting. I loved learning about the art of kung fu, and began to get more confident the higher sash i achieved. The friendly atmosphere at the club is really welcoming and shows as I am now purple white sash and training for brown at the moment, but i hope to achieve higher.


I first came to Hull kung fu as I have always had an large interest in oriental fighting techniques and from an early age I have always wanted to training in a martial art. Then I found Hull Kung Fu and decided to show up an see what it was like.
I loved it the fact that they teach you the reasons for attacking certain points e.g. bones, nerves, arteries etc amazed me the knowledge of the instructors was brilliant and the attitudes to training were brilliant.
After showing up to class for a few weeks i was addicted and i have been training there for roughly 3 years i am currently training for my Black sash.


I already had a keen interest in martial arts before joining Hull Kung Fu, this stemmed from the fact that i was training in jui-jitsu in another club. I first came to hear about Kung Fu through friends who also attend the club and through interest i attended. I found Hull Kung Fu to be a dynamic new way of training compared to before. They accomplished this by approaching students and asking what they wanted to learn (Within reason of course) and was able to give each student the exact workout they were looking for. Whether you wanted to be worked till exhaustion for the better or just wanted to have your body stretched and loosened up. Another great factor to the club is what you're taught, So much more in depth then any other club i've seen or been to, taught not only how to do something but why to do it and what desired affect it can achieve. Also at Hull Kung Fu is the first time i was ever told, shown and explained to the healing side to martial arts which i now take a keen interest in through the course that is also funded and run by Hull Kung Fu named Ching Lo. 

And probably one of the main attractive features of Hull Kung Fu is the people there. The atmosphere created is so friendly and anyone is immediately accepted in to this club and quickly becomes part of the family.


I’m 19 years of age and have been attending Hull Kung Fu since I was around 14 – 15.
I joined with influence from a friend, I was always interested in martial arts but none really fit what I wanted (plus prices were far too expensive).

It became clear after my third or fourth lesson that this was the right club for me.
I felt welcome and everyone was helpful and friendly towards me, It was fun and kept me fit… so I stayed.

I am now an instructor, I have acquired a brown white sash and all of them helpful people are now my training partners.
Since becoming a member of Hull Kung Fu, I have gained skills I never thought I would, I know a lot more about the human body due to us using Dim Mak.
I feel a lot more confident in myself and I always feel like training is more of a community of friends getting together to do something we all enjoy rather than well… training.

Hull Kung Fu has done a lot for me and I’m glad I became a member so long ago.


I joined hull kung fu just over 3 years ago as a means of getting fit and gaining a bit of martial arts knowledge.
Since that time I have achieved so much more than just increased fitness levels. I have achieved a brown sash in kung fu and a purple sash in tai chi in which i have also gained an assistant instructors certificate .I am currently working towards a ching lo healing qualification and have started an anatomy and physiology diploma level 3 course to complement this.        
 I have become a much more confident and positive person with much more self belief, I wouldn't have thought i would ever be teaching a tai chi class when i first started at the club as i regularly do now. I am continuing to enjoy learning and improving my knowledge and ability with a great bunch of people at Hull Kung Fu.